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Jay Shields Voiceover for Visit Denver


Denver – 1stbase Productions President and Voice Talent, Jay Shields announced today his partnership with Burning Daylight Productions out of Troy, Michigan.  Through this partnership, Jay and 1stbase productions will  be the featured voice for six Chevrolet product kiosks at the North American International Auto Show (, January 10-23, 2011.

Quote from Jay: “One of the most exciting components of working on this project is being a part of this new momentum of the automotive industry in Detroit!  Growing up in Michigan and having an interest in and owning a classic car made accepting this assignment easy…and what a line up of products to talk about!”

Jay and 1stbase Productions will be featured on product information kiosks at Chevrolet displays in Detroit and across he country as the Auto Show hits the road.  The kios marketing approach will allow attendees to understand the features and benefits of the product displayed.

Jay is the voice talent on following products:

  • Powerplants/Engines: Chevrolet LS9 engine
  • Hybrid Technology: Chevrolet Sensacell Hybrid engine
  • Truck Class: Chevy Silverado HD, the 2011 Motor Trend Truck of the Year
  • SUV Class: Chevy Tahoe Hybrid
  • Sportscar/Luxury Class: Chevrolet Corvette zr1 and the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Meet Jay at the North American Auto Show on January 19 & 20th.

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